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NativeScript: no provisioning profile hell on iOS

We’ve been playing around with NativeScript from Telerik a lot. While it’s still in heavy development, it’s shaping up nicely. One of the best things that it offers isn’t really anything to do with the language itself. It’s the ability to run development apps without a provisioning profile on iOS.   How does it work?

Going Mobile: you’ve got the app, what about the API?

So, you (that’s you: a business owner, entrepreneur, start up, venture capitalist, or just anyone) come up with a great idea for an application that’s going to solve THAT PROBLEM. You know, it’s THAT PROBLEM that everyone has and this application will be THE SOLUTION to THAT PROBLEM. What’s more is you’ve done a bit

NativeScript from Telerik

Telerik, a software development company from Sofia, Bulgaria, just announced Nativescript, an intriguing new platform for building cross-platform native apps with JavaScript. This comes after Progress, the US software giant, acquired Telerik in October 2014. At Codified, our developers extensive use of Xamarin is down to its multiple advantages. Our clients enjoy significant code share