Monthly Archives: April 2015

Browser Extensions

At Codified we know mobile and we’re eager to download developer’s kits to have a good old tinker in the lab. We do this to consider future solutions for the problems our clients bring us, however, we also think there’s so much potential for existing technologies. In particular we love browser extensions! What’s so great

The Internet of Things, People, and Places

The Internet of Things, People, and Places (it’s a new acronym, let’s make it happen, #IoTPP) has freed many from being chained to a desk at a particular company, in a particular place, and to a particular network of people. It’s within our reach to leave behind the company and the place and, with WiFi

How do you solve a problem like mobile app marketing?

Version 1.0 of the amazing app that you’ve created, you know Uber/Tinder/AirBnB for pets, is almost ready to be shipped out, all that remains is a week for testing and a week for submission to the Apple store. So, what now? Regardless of which technology, such as Xamarin, NativeScript or React Native, you’re using or