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React Native: What’s good so far?

React NAtive

React Native brings the architecture of React to iOS. This gives developers with a web and Javascript background a way into native mobile development with familiar tools and languages. We’ve had access to the beta program and thought we’d give our view on what’s working for React Native, what might hold it back, and will

tvOS: a technical review of developing for Apple TV


When we’re out and about in London’s tech community we get a lot of developers asking us what it’s like to develop with Apple’s new tvOS. For anyone who’s comfortable with iOS development tvOS is a real treat. Custom applications on tvOS These apps use the most up to date iOS frameworks and resemble traditional

We’re London’s first tvOS developers


At Codified we keep a close eye on new technologies, in particular we focus on new hardware and anticipate the demand for software that will come from it’s adoption. We were the first London agency to develop cross-platform apps using Xamarin, and now we’re pleased to announce that we will be the first in London