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React Native: What’s good so far?

React NAtive

React Native brings the architecture of React to iOS. This gives developers with a web and Javascript background a way into native mobile development with familiar tools and languages. We’ve had access to the beta program and thought we’d give our view on what’s working for React Native, what might hold it back, and will

Supercharging development with React Native

react native

React Native is the most productive mobile app development platform we’ve used since tinkering with Objective-C after the release of iPhone 2.0. When we developed in native iOS and native Android being able to see our changes had us building, executing, and clicking through each app to get to the expected change. This whole process

Realm for React Native

Realm React Native

News from Facebook’s React.js Conference confirmed a new Realm mobile database built for React Native. “At Facebook’s React.js Conference, we’re launching a new Realm mobile database built specifically for React Native. It offers easy object persistence and full query capabilities, with a performance profile that’s usually 2–10x faster than existing options. Like the other editions

Our first React Native release

react native bud

We’re pleased to announce the release of our first React Native app with our client Bud. Bud is a universal banking platform that aggregates a range of fintech and personal financial services products on to one platform to give a more personal experience of banking. Bud shared our enthusiasm for React Native development since it matched

tvOS: a technical review of developing for Apple TV


When we’re out and about in London’s tech community we get a lot of developers asking us what it’s like to develop with Apple’s new tvOS. For anyone who’s comfortable with iOS development tvOS is a real treat. Custom applications on tvOS These apps use the most up to date iOS frameworks and resemble traditional

We’re London’s first tvOS developers


At Codified we keep a close eye on new technologies, in particular we focus on new hardware and anticipate the demand for software that will come from it’s adoption. We were the first London agency to develop cross-platform apps using Xamarin, and now we’re pleased to announce that we will be the first in London

Using Elasticsearch to build a scalable search engine for TrademarkHub


The Client TrademarkHub is the web vehicle of the Intellectual Property department of Freeman Harris Solicitors. The TrademarkHub showcases the entrepreneurial nous of Freeman Harris Solicitors with their firm seeing the highest growth in filing European Trademarks in the UK. The patent filing service covers Europe and their international links ensure that their clients will get

Browser Extensions

At Codified we know mobile and we’re eager to download developer’s kits to have a good old tinker in the lab. We do this to consider future solutions for the problems our clients bring us, however, we also think there’s so much potential for existing technologies. In particular we love browser extensions! What’s so great

The Internet of Things, People, and Places

The Internet of Things, People, and Places (it’s a new acronym, let’s make it happen, #IoTPP) has freed many from being chained to a desk at a particular company, in a particular place, and to a particular network of people. It’s within our reach to leave behind the company and the place and, with WiFi