At Codified we keep a close eye on new technologies, in particular we focus on new hardware and anticipate the demand for software that will come from it’s adoption. We were the first London agency to develop cross-platform apps using Xamarin, and now we’re pleased to announce that we will be the first in London to develop for Apple TV using tvOS. With our experience and success in building mobile apps, websites, backends, and browser extensions for a range of leading UK companies and innovative startups we look forward to helping our clients adopt and use a new platform.

App development for tvOS

Our developers were eager to learn a new technology and build on their experience of developing bespoke applications across numerous devices and platforms. With the arrival of Apple TV v4 there are more opportunities to help our clients succeed on the tvOS (Apple TV) platform. For our developers this is a new platform with new challenges and for our front end team this is a new way to put to use their expertise in User Interface and User Experience design.

The Future is Apps for TV

Since the release of the iPhone in 2009 a lot has been achieved in a short time. With the explosion of apps and the rise in new devices across mobile, tablet, and wearables it is great to see TV come back into its own. The TV, through pioneers such as Apple, is reinventing itself and its role within our homes and our lives.

For companies this is an opportunity to take a leading role in a field that few have caught on to, find new ways to engage with their customers, and deliver great content over a new device.

For ideas, advice, or consultation on how your company will get ahead of the curve with tvOS for Apple TV get in touch with us at [email protected] or come say hi if you’re in London.


Since 2013 we’ve been leaders in new forms of application development, working with well known companies and helping startups get their first product out. We’re a local company, based near London’s Silicon Roundabout, with a global presence. Our mobile apps, websites, and browser extensions have had hundreds of thousands of downloads and hits, helped companies to reach new audiences, hit sales targets, and adapt to a fast moving world.

What our clients say about Codified

“With Codified, we were deeply involved in the development of the app from the outset, our in-house developers gained a deep understanding of the app and retained the ability to influence the direction of the app from the beginning, enabling us to maintain our original vision.”  Yos Noor, Head of Innovation and Research at