We’re pleased to announce the release of our first React Native app with our client Bud.

Bud is a universal banking platform that aggregates a range of fintech and personal financial services products on to one platform to give a more personal experience of banking.

Bud shared our enthusiasm for React Native development since it matched our shared love of innovative ways of approaching digital problems. We built their iOS & Android app in React Native, this was a great fit for Bud’s own experience with Javascript and the hot reload feature promises to help Bud bring their users’s the benefit of new additions to their platform without waiting for clearance through the app submission process.

This is the first of our React Native clients to go public with their app and we’re excited to bring further news about how innovators are making the most of React Native.

To see more our work in cross-platform development go to the Codified site, and get in contact to hear the great ideas we’ve got for React Native development.