React Native is the most productive mobile app development platform we’ve used since tinkering with Objective-C after the release of iPhone 2.0.

When we developed in native iOS and native Android being able to see our changes had us building, executing, and clicking through each app to get to the expected change. This whole process took anywhere from seconds to minutes, especially when working on big apps. When you’re forced to down tools this leads to a break in concentration and a loss of time.

React Native’s “hot reloading” feature has changed the game, with changes to code automatically updating in the view in a second or less.

The brevity of writing in ES6 is another distinct time saver, with no need to write extra code. This has led to quicker code reviews, less debugging, smaller tests, and, overall, makes it far more maintainable and reusable. This is one of things that made us a convert to cross-platform development with early adoption of Xamarin.Mono.

We’re enjoying the additional productivity of React Native, and in spite of claims from the enterprise that the platform is immature, we get to spend more coding and less time twiddling our thumbs.

To see more our work in cross-platform development go to the Codified site, and get in contact to hear the great ideas we’ve got for React Native development.