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We’re based in the City of London where we share our expertise for cross-platform mobile app development.

We want to support great ideas, write elegant code, and create a thoughtful user experience.

Get Codified?

Codified was established in 2013 to build cross platform apps.

Our team has been developing mobile apps since 2007 and saw the new wave of cross platform development tools as a way to create a native mobile experience that cut down on time, costs, and bugs.


React Native Applications

React Native is a leading mobile development tool from Facebook,

With our experience of cross platform mobile app development we’re poised to help you get the most out of developing React Native apps in iOS & Android.

Codified has over 4 years of experience using React Native in production – we believe we were one of the first to use it in Europe.

We believe strongly in CI/CD and automated testing to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers.


Xamarin Apps

We know that the world is now mobile-first  and that’s why we’re ahead of the game on the creation of mobile phone apps.

We use Xamarin, a new and exciting approach to application development, writing code that works on iOS and Android. We’re experts in Xamarin Forms.

We have nearly 10 years experience in using Xamarin.



We consult for new and existing businesses in London and across Europe. We’re the go to people for start ups, established business, crowdfunders and VCs looking for the right technology stack for their product roadmap.

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