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Using Elasticsearch to build a scalable search engine for TrademarkHub


The Client TrademarkHub is the web vehicle of the Intellectual Property department of Freeman Harris Solicitors. The TrademarkHub showcases the entrepreneurial nous of Freeman Harris Solicitors with their firm seeing the highest growth in filing European Trademarks in the UK. The patent filing service covers Europe and their international links ensure that their clients will get

Browser Extensions

At Codified we know mobile and we’re eager to download developer’s kits to have a good old tinker in the lab. We do this to consider future solutions for the problems our clients bring us, however, we also think there’s so much potential for existing technologies. In particular we love browser extensions! What’s so great

Going Mobile: you’ve got the app, what about the API?

So, you (that’s you: a business owner, entrepreneur, start up, venture capitalist, or just anyone) come up with a great idea for an application that’s going to solve THAT PROBLEM. You know, it’s THAT PROBLEM that everyone has and this application will be THE SOLUTION to THAT PROBLEM. What’s more is you’ve done a bit