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React Native: What’s good so far?

React NAtive

React Native brings the architecture of React to iOS. This gives developers with a web and Javascript background a way into native mobile development with familiar tools and languages. We’ve had access to the beta program and thought we’d give our view on what’s working for React Native, what might hold it back, and will

Realm for React Native

Realm React Native

News from Facebook’s React.js Conference confirmed a new Realm mobile database built for React Native. “At Facebook’s React.js Conference, we’re launching a new Realm mobile database built specifically for React Native. It offers easy object persistence and full query capabilities, with a performance profile that’s usually 2–10x faster than existing options. Like the other editions

NativeScript from Telerik

Telerik, a software development company from Sofia, Bulgaria, just announced Nativescript, an intriguing new platform for building cross-platform native apps with JavaScript. This comes after Progress, the US software giant, acquired Telerik in October 2014. At Codified, our developers extensive use of Xamarin is down to its multiple advantages. Our clients enjoy significant code share