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Going Mobile: you’ve got the app, what about the API?

So, you (that’s you: a business owner, entrepreneur, start up, venture capitalist, or just anyone) come up with a great idea for an application that’s going to solve THAT PROBLEM. You know, it’s THAT PROBLEM that everyone has and this application will be THE SOLUTION to THAT PROBLEM. What’s more is you’ve done a bit

The new affordable era of cloud computing

This week, we’ve seen staggering price reductions both from Google’s Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. With reductions across the board of nearly 50%, Amazon is likely to have just cut their next years revenue from their Web Services division by $500million. That’s not a move anyone would make lightly…

Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure benchmarked and compared

At Codified, we’ve used an awful lot of hosting providers over the years. Originally dedicated or collocated servers in a datacentre, and more recently virtualisation technology has allowed us to not worry too much about the underlying physical server hardware and give us far more options in scalability. The big drawback with virtualised hosting was