The Client

TrademarkHub is the web vehicle of the Intellectual Property department of Freeman Harris Solicitors. The TrademarkHub showcases the entrepreneurial nous of Freeman Harris Solicitors with their firm seeing the highest growth in filing European Trademarks in the UK. The patent filing service covers Europe and their international links ensure that their clients will get the most trusted advice across the globe.

The Brief

TrademarkHub wanted to continue growth and gain a competitive edge with a website that made it easy for clients to secure their trademarks online. Codified was in a position to use our expertise in User Experience (UX) design and build on what we learnt when creating handling data and document requests during the build of the RocketLawyer website. We had to build a website that was able to deliver the contents of the entire Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHiM) of the European Union and allow third parties, such as domain registrars, to integrate with TrademarkHub to offer trademark services via an API, and handle payments. Our concerns were to do this as well as optimize the experience, both for existing and new customers, in a responsive, intelligent, and user-centric fashion.

The solution

We decided to use Elasticsearch to give the site and the API a quick and scalable search solution. The benefits of Elasticsearch led to the TrademarkHub getting a next level search engine that outpaces the OHiM website with a response time of under 50 milliseconds where OHiM’s website is much slower. The TrademarkHub database was also able to search the entire OHiM database, constituting millions of documents, and automatically download new trademark applications every day. We decided to go with Stripe to handle payment processing due to its excellent Software Development Kit. The decision to go with Stripe also led to a reduction in the TrademarkHub’s own admin since it integrates directly into their own case management system for processing.

We had to balance the need for Responsive design and User Experience optimisation. Our UX expert gathered in-depth qualitative and quantitative data throughout for usability principles in the site’s design and to establish user tasks. We looked into the websites of TrademarkHub’s competitors to understand their strengths and weakness and to differentiate the design of the site. With this information we assessed our design to see how well it performed for UX, usability, accessibility  and e-commerce best practice. The final design of is far more simple and easier to use when compared to other competitors, in particular the checkout process avoids some of the problems associated with Shopping Cart Abandonment. The additional challenge was to make sure the user journeys we had designed scaled in an intuitive way across mobile and tablets.

A site like this is one that we enjoy working on since it gives us the chance to use our front and backend expertise. TheTrademarkHub website is a great example of providing a complicated, data focused service in a way that is easy to use for anyone who might be a potential client such as the artists, museums, start-ups, software developers, manufacturers and multinational corporations who come to the site.