Next Generation Applications

We have a radical approach to rapidly deliver applications that work across all platforms, and which amaze and engage users.

We’re full service. Or we can work alongside your existing team to codify your development process.

We use Xamarin, a new and exciting approach to application development.


Browser Extensions

We think people are missing out on a great tool.

We build beautiful, bespoke extensions for Firefox, Chrome (and even Internet Explorer).

Have an idea for an extension for your web app or product? Great, get in touch!

Don’t? Let’s have a coffee anyway. We think you’ll be surprised at what we can come up with together.

Cloud Migrations

We’re experts on cloud computing and have close relationships with all the major players – including Amazon, Rackspace, Windows Azure, Digital Ocean and a few specialised companies.

We have real experience in moving existing legacy server and software infrastructure to the cloud. We compare the market looking for the best option for your needs and negotiate the best price, making sure you save money while enjoying the scalability that your growing business needs.

Automated browser testing

Testing and QA can be the achilles heel of any web site or application. We’re revolutionising the market with our new product, Airbag by Codified.

Currently being developed in conjunction with some of world’s leading startups, we can build exact test suites across all browsers and run them on the cloud consistently, replicating real world behaviour by your users. You’ll know when a feature breaks, or a page has stopped working on a certain browser.

We’re looking to partner with more people to develop our solution further. Give us a shout and we’ll work together to make your business more reliable.

Database driven web apps and APIs

We love working with data to craft complex web applications for all sorts of business sectors.

We’re specialists with the .NET platform, but equally capable of working with PHP, Java, Python, Ruby or NodeJS .

Natural language processing

We’re specialists in natural language processing. We’ve processed millions of pieces of text and pulled amazing data out of it.

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About Us

We’re a new Shoreditch agency that has a passion for the web, great ideas, thoughtful user experience and elegant code.


Our team has been involved with building great apps before, up North, for a variety of startups and corporate customers.

New Approach

Now we’re down South, bringing our experience and the power of Xamarin to London. Our new approach is needed to engage users in today’s competitive markets.

It’s not 2009 anymore, and apps have come of age. And now so has development.


  • The Giving Machine

    The Giving Machine

    Services Used: browser extension development, cloud migration

  • Bluefinity


    Services Used: Mobile web app development

  • Rocket Lawyer

    Rocket Lawyer

    Services Used: web development

  • BCSocial


    Services Used: Cloud Migration, Database Development, Web App Development

  • Hoverkey


    Services Used: cloud migration, web development

  • JustGiving


    Services Used: Xamarin app consultancy


    Services Used: Xamarin app development

  • Xamarin


    Services Used: .NET development

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How do you solve a problem like mobile app marketing?

Version 1.0 of the amazing app that you’ve created, you know Uber/Tinder/AirBnB for pets, is almost ready to be shipped out, all that remains is a week for testing and a week for submission to the Apple store. So, what now? Regardless of which technology, such as Xamarin, NativeScript or React Native, you’re using or

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NativeScript: no provisioning profile hell on iOS

We’ve been playing around with NativeScript from Telerik a lot. While it’s still in heavy development, it’s shaping up nicely. One of the best things that it offers isn’t really anything to do with the language itself. It’s the ability to run development apps without a provisioning profile on iOS.   How does it work?

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Going Mobile: you’ve got the app, what about the API?

So, you (that’s you: a business owner, entrepreneur, start up, venture capitalist, or just anyone) come up with a great idea for an application that’s going to solve THAT PROBLEM. You know, it’s THAT PROBLEM that everyone has and this application will be THE SOLUTION to THAT PROBLEM. What’s more is you’ve done a bit

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Codified opens in Colombia!

Codified announces today the opening of a new office in Colombia. Codified, a London cross platform development studio, is expanding its operations to Bogotá to explore opportunities for web and mobile applications in Colombia as well as the wider South American market. The possibilities in Colombia and the surrounding countries prompted Martin Alderson, the founder

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NativeScript from Telerik

Telerik, a software development company from Sofia, Bulgaria, just announced Nativescript, an intriguing new platform for building cross-platform native apps with JavaScript. This comes after Progress, the US software giant, acquired Telerik in October 2014. At Codified, our developers extensive use of Xamarin is down to its multiple advantages. Our clients enjoy significant code share

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The new affordable era of cloud computing

This week, we’ve seen staggering price reductions both from Google’s Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. With reductions across the board of nearly 50%, Amazon is likely to have just cut their next years revenue from their Web Services division by $500million. That’s not a move anyone would make lightly…

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Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure benchmarked and compared

At Codified, we’ve used an awful lot of hosting providers over the years. Originally dedicated or collocated servers in a datacentre, and more recently virtualisation technology has allowed us to not worry too much about the underlying physical server hardware and give us far more options in scalability. The big drawback with virtualised hosting was

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